Growing a business requires a strategy, an implementation plan and funding.


Strategic Growth Planning and Implementation

During the growth phase, many businesses lack resources and time to execute a disciplined planning process. Many owners are just too busy running the business believing that they cannot afford to spend the time to plan the way forward. Successful and profitable businesses set aside time to plan and implement their goals; successful businesses know that planning is an investment in the business. A strategic growth plan and process can result in more profitable business with sustainable growth. Our consultants can be your resources. We can give you the time and expertise to assist you in the preparation of the analyses that form the foundation of your strategic growth plan, such as:
• evaluation of capital investment options
• profitability of existing or new product lines or services
• profitability of existing or new customer segments
• development of 5 -10 year forecasts including cashflow analysis and requirements
• development of targets for key operational and sales metrics
• determining sustainable growth targets that avoid the traps of growing too quickly
• evaluation of profitability with margin analysis and not just top line forecasts

With this information, our consultants can help prepare your 3 - 5 year strategic growth plan and implementation strategy. This plan can be used to help you make profitable key investment decisions. You can use the strategic growth plan as a communication tool internally and to demonstrate your growth objectives and profitability forecasts to lenders and investors.


Funding Growth

How much and what type of funding you target are critical decisions when growing your business. There are a number of different funding sources available to businesses. Successful businesses carefully assess and choose the funding structure and sources that best suit their business. We have extensive experience in analysing and assessing sources of funding and optimal business requirements. Our consultants can assist you in assessment and preparation for fund raising by ensuring you have the core elements needed to consider the best way to fund your growth including:
• How much capital is required
• Identification of the different sources of funding/capital available for your business and assessment of what type of capital is right for you
• What returns are expected by potential investors
• What requirements are expected by lenders
• What control issues/options do you have
• Structuring and negotiating a banking package that suits your business


Government Assistance

Many businesses are not aware of the funding and support programs available from the Victorian government. Eligible businesses that are looking to grow their business may apply for grants of up to $11,500 to contribute towards the cost of a strategic review and business development planning review and planning process. The Competitive Business Fund is another government initiative that provides financial assistance to businesses looking to take advantage of new opportunities. Our consultants can work with you to identify potential opportunities of assistance and funding support and provide you with the resources and experience to manage the application process.



Export Strategy

Small business can often overlook growth through exports either due to resource or funding constraints. Successful businesses explore and research their opportunities to reach their full potential. Our consultants can conduct a review of your business model and capabilities and then conduct the market research to determine whether an export strategy is right for your business. If funding is a barrier to pursuing an export strategy, we can advise you on the alternative sources of funding and grants available to small businesses.