You have an idea, a dream or a vision. To develop a successful and profitable business you need a plan, an achievable set of goals/actions and funding.


Market Entry Evaluation

Many business owners see an opportunity to enter a new market or change direction within an existing market. The decision to start a new business, enter a new market or change direction needs to be researched, tested and the risks considered. If you are looking at new markets, do you have the resources and time to do a thorough analysis necessary to successfully enter that market? Our consultants can be your resources to enable you to determine if this is the correct investment for your business. Our process will include a mix of research from internal and external resources that provide the basis for a go/no go decision. Our market evaluation can give you a considered view that covers the essential elements required for you to make an investment decision including:
• Assessment of the attractiveness of the target market;
• Competitive assessment;
• risk assessment (including market penetration hurdles)
• capital requirements
• a business case which gives you forecasts and break-even models.



Business Planning - Do you really need a plan?

If you want funding from investors, lenders or government assistance, your business needs a plan. We know that lenders and investors receive thousands of business plans a year. Your plan needs to avoid the common traps of over-hyped presentation and irrelevant or missing information. It needs to clearly communicate your unique competitive position and contain realistic financial forecasts and expected returns. It is important to present to lenders and investors a high-quality, credible business plan. Your business plan is their first impression of your business. They need to believe the information and the founding principles of your business. We have extensive experience in preparing start-up business plans and evaluating them as part of investor and finance teams. Our consultants will work closely with you to create a business plan that will attract the right attention.


Start up Implementation - the path to profitability

As owner, you need to implement the steps required to create your business. Lenders and investors will need to see the progress and development of your business that reflects your plan. Our consultants can work with you to develop an implementation strategy to ensure your business takes the steps to be more than just a great idea. By developing a staged and monitored implementation strategy, you as owner can be sure that your business takes the right steps at the right time. You will be able to determine when and how you are achieving your goals and most importantly when problems or challenges arise, you will be able to identify and manage them in a structured and effective manner.